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Christmas Worship Schedule

December 21, Longest Night Evening Prayer
7:00 PM A Longest Night/Blue Christmas Service will be on Wednesday, December 21st at 7:00 pm. This service provides a time and place of solace during the often frenetic days surrounding the celebration of Christmas. We come together seeking healing and room to share grief, sadness, loneliness, or confusion when these emotions often feel out of place during the holidays. On this darkest day of the year, we come with our honest yearnings seeking the return of light and hope.

December 24, Christmas Eve
3:00 PM Family Service of Lessons and Carols
7:30 PM Candlelight Worship
10:30 PM Candlelight Worship (Come Early at 10 PM to enjoy Christmas carols before the service starts.)
All Services with Holy Communion

December 25, No Service

January 1, One service at 10 AM
On Sunday, January 1.  We will have one worship at 10:00 am.  At this service, we will be able to participate in some experiences where we offer our intents for the new year.  However, we also hope those attending will be able to choose hymns and carols to sing, and individuals, families and groups would be able to present a song, story, skit, or share a scripture.  It is your gift to share.  Talk to your family and friends and begin to think about what might present during the worship which will be your present to Jesus and the rest of the Church.  If you have special needs (i.e. audio/video, accompaniment, etc.) please let Pastor John (john.hildner@livinglordlutheran.org) or the church office know.  Be on the watch this Christmas season for situations where you experience the love of Christ and the peace of the season born anew.