“Let us sing a new song, for God has done marvelous things.” — Psalm 96:1

Music is one tool through which God reaches into our hearts to convey the true presence of Jesus Christ during our worship experience. Music in worship also helps us express our praise and gratitude to God!

The goals of our music program are to share God's Word through music, to inspire the congregation to greater levels of spirituality through musical expression in praise, to heighten the congregation’s sense of communion with God and with each other, and to add beauty to our worship services.

Musical variety is as important as the music itself. People have different tastes, so we provide a variety of styles of music to enrich worship at Living Lord, from sacred choral classics to the latest in modern Christian contemporary music trends. All of our musicians, professional and volunteer, work hard to reflect the mood and emotion of each church season through music. God is glorifed in all we do as we invite the presence of the Holy Spirit and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus!

Worship and Praise Teams – Living Lord has several contemporary worship and praise teams that help lead worship at the 10:30 AM Contemporary worship service. Each team is composed of singers accompanied by instrumentalists which may include piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, saxophone, brass, woodwinds, and even a mandolin. All are invited to offer their gifts of music!

Traditional Choir – The Praise Singers choir is Living Lord’s traditional adult choir. This choir helps lead worship at the 9:00 AM Traditional worship service. This ensemble provides beautiful musical offerings as well as teaches new liturgy and music to the congregation. Membership in this group is open to anyone who in interested in singing, even for just a short term!

  • Children’s Music – Living Lord’s Youth Choir, JOY! is for kids from 1st through 8th grade who sing, act, and have a blast together each week! This choir provides music about once per month at one or both Sunday services. In addition, our Sunday school children periodically sing in worship, and Living Lord’s annual Christmas Program is another opportunity for children of all ages to “make music to the Lord" (Ps. 96:13)

  • Bell Choir

  • This group adds an extra element of spirituality to worship services, especially at Christmas and Easter and other special occasions in our worship life. The Bell Choir’s three full octaves add beauty, depth, and dimension to the worship experience. Contact: Denise DeBoe.

  • Special Music – Includes soloists, instrumentalists, and vocal and instrumental ensembles. These special musical offerings further enrich our worship experience. Special musical performances frequently occur in any and all of our worship services. Several times per year, musical groups such as the Christmas Pageant Choir, Orchestra, Festival Choir and occasional drama or dance teams come together to combine voices, instruments and talents in large performances to offer praise to the Lord.

  • Organ Music – Our beautiful Rodgers organ, with more than 40 ranks and a handmade pipe case fashioned by Mark Johnson, complements the varying styles of our musical groups. It is a hybrid pipe and electronic organ which has the ability to play both traditional pipe organ music and contemporary music by using its digitally sampled sounds and instruments and other digital capabilities (MIDI). In addition, we often use a Yamaha Clavinova keyboard during worship services.