Junior & Senior High School Ministries


7th-12th grade Youth Group 

Living Lord’s high school youth group is a way for our young people to make friends, have fun, serve others, explore their connection to Christ, and grow in faith. It’s about having fun with a Christian attitude. It’s about learning and practicing what it means to be a Christian. Some activities include concerts, sporting events, and competitions, as well as faith-building retreats, camps, and mission trips.

Junior & Senior High School Bible Study and Fellowship at SNAC (Sunday Night At Church)

Jr/Sr High school kids have the opportunity to participate in topical Bible study each Sunday during SNAC -- a time of faith-filled, organized fellowship and Bible study for high school students. SNAC is held on Sundays, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM at Living Lord. Some Sundays we stay at church and others we head out for fun events like bowling, mini golf, or sledding.

We encourage our 7th - 12 grade youth to take time each week to grow spiritually along with their peers through Bible study and then join their family and the rest of the congregation for further spiritual enrichment through worship on Sunday mornings.

Mission Trips  

Each summer, high school students get an opportunity to travel on a week-long mission trip with their friends to help and serve people of all ages. This may include helping to run Vacation Bible School or day camp for less-fortunate kids, doing projects for senior citizens or families in need, or joining larger humanitarian efforts around the country. Mission trips offer those “ah-ha!” moments for teens, who see and feel God’s presence in and around them as they serve others in His name.

Youth Worship Service 

Living Lord’s teens periodically plan and lead weekend worship services for the whole congregation. The faith and creativity demonstrated by these youth inspire the congregation and show parents the wonderful results of encouraging their children to explore and act on their faith.