What’s Whirl All About?

Through Whirl, children learn that the church year is divided into seasons based on the life of Christ and the church. Whirl helps kids explore these church seasons and dive into one of the lectionary readings each Sunday. The children begin to understand the rhythms of the church year and the three-year cycle of Bible readings. They can then begin to make connections between what they hear in church and what they learn in Faith Quest, and how these lessons apply to their daily lives.

What’s the Weekly Routine?

Each Whirl lesson comprises four parts: Welcome, Hear, Respond, Launch, and Family Page.


All Faith Quest kids join in opening music together, celebrate birthdays, and pray together. Next, younger kids (Group 1: Pre-K; Group 2: Grades K-2) and older kids (Group 3: grades 3-4) break out into separate groups for a brief, age-appropriate activity before they watch brief but awesome animated video that introduces the day’s theme.


Next, Faith Quest kids dig into the Bible: Groups 1 and 2 hear and see the story in the Whirl Story Bible. Then they play together in an activity to get them moving. Kids in Group 3 open their Bibles to the day’s reading. They do a Preview Activity and then explore the Bible story together in an engaging way.


Kids in each group participate in a Respond activity—through which they see how the Bible story is connected to a broader theme that applies to their own lives.


During this closing time, kids review the lesson through group sharing, activities, and prayer before they are released to their parents.

Family Page

Each week, kids bring home a Family Page so that families can try one or more of the seven suggestions to bring the Bible story and church season into their daily lives.